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   7/16 - New RDM: That\'s all, folks.
   6/09 - New RDM: Six of one, half a dozen of the other...
   5/22 - New RDM: Logical song (3/3)
   5/21 - New RDM: Logical song (2/3)
   5/20 - New RDM: Logical song (1/3)
   5/01 - New RDM: Whine-tasting party
   4/21 - New RDM: Big picture
   4/15 - New RDM: Collies purchase lunch
   4/11 - New review: Supreme Commander
   4/09 - New RDM: Time flies when you\'re having fun


Border Collie Enterprises Welcome to, the inexplicably-named homepage of inexplicably-named Border Collie Enterprises, front for the, let's face it, also inexplicably-named Alex Osaki. The site doesn't necessarily work real well (like Alex)--growing pains, and all. When completed, it will serve as a unifying nexus for all of Alex's activities, including his ongoing sociological research and various creative endeavours.

He believes in what we might term a 'spartan' (alternative word: 'boring') design aesthetic, so the site looks a little plain (not to mention monochromatic). Depending on his level of motivation (right now, he's so motivated that he's talking in the third-person like Bob Dole or an autistic!) this might change. All things considered, though, probably not. Seriously, who needs colours?

Are you curious about the name? Or why this website exists? Do you want to know what Alex's favourite microwave setting is, or why he writes like a South African even though he lives in Denver, Colorado? Do nagging questions of whether or not Lacy is actually pregnant by the dark-skinned pool cleaner constantly pluck at your consciousness? At Border Collie Enterprises, we aim to satisfy your perverse lust for such forbidden knowledge!

But, uh, maybe not yet. Until we get the paternity tests back, please enjoy your stay at this website. Comments and questions may be vectored through the Contact page, which you can find under the "Site" superheading, above. We here at BCE strive every day to live up to our mission statement and guiding motto: "We have a logo that incorporates a dog's head photoshopped behind a lightbulb that contains the planet Earth with a starburst emitting from it, and you do not, because that would be a trademark violation, suckers."

--Alex O
Founder, Border Collie Enterprises