Furry Survey has moved!

Hey folks! This is just a heads-up that, for 2013, I have joined forces with [Adjective][Species] to host the Furry Survey over there. This means that you can now take this year's survey by clicking this link right here! Go do that! You should update all of your links to reference "http://www.furrypoll.com" instead of this page. Which, at least, that ought to be easier to remember! ;)

Content for the previous years has not disappeared! You can access it below:

Partial results for 2012!
Full results for 2011!
Partial results for 2010!
Partial results for 2009!
Results for 2012 and a full writeup in PDF form!

You can check back on this page now and again; I will be working on putting together full results for 2012 as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bce@klisoura.com!