Furry Survey Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to serve as a central point for questions related to the furry survey that do not pertain to issues about specifically how to answer the questions on the survey--that is, for questions relating to the purposes of the survey, the nature of the data collected, etc etc.

What is the Furry Survey?
So far as I know, the Furry Survey is the largest general-purpose demographic survey of the furry fandom anywhere in the world. It has a declared international scope, although it is English-only at the moment. The previous iteration of the survey ran through 2009 and collected more than 9000 respondents.
Who are you?
I am Alex Osaki, a writer, researcher, and essayist. You may remember me from such furry health class films as "Catnip: Just Say No" and "You'll Be Stuck That Way For Awhile, Sonny; I Hope You Brought A Book".
Why should anyone listen to you?
The results of the last survey were generally fairly well-received. If nothing else, I would like to think they demonstrated that I am at least sincere. I have a degree in anthropology and work experience in demographic research and statistical analysis; I'm not doing this to jerk people around.
Why isn't this being done by a reputable scientific institution?
Mostly because, I imagine, academics understand they are not going to win Nobel prizes by reporting on obscure science fiction fandoms. I would think, however, it would be possible to judge the survey on its own merits, rather than the honorifics of the person conducting it.
Why didn't you ask about [ ]?
If I have not asked about a particular topic, this is likely due to one of three reasons:
1. Relative to other questions, I did not think the extra space required (the survey is already quite long) was sufficiently justified.
2. I do not understand the topic enough to be able to generate an informative question set.
3. I forgot or didn't think of it.
I can be persuaded on point 1, and obviously your assistance on points 2 and 3 are most appreciated. Please feel free to drop me a line.
Why so much sex?
I'm not necessarily any more thrilled about that than you are, but the reality is that if people outside the fandom have any questions, it's likely to be about sex. Also, I think the answers are informative and not-prurient.
This survey is a load of crap.
That's not a question.
This survey is a load of crap?
No. However, if you have questions or concerns about it, please feel free to contact me via the AIM name OSDCC, or by my email address at bce@klisoura.com. If your question is particularly pressing, I may also be reached by phone at +49 151 551 55559 or by Skype as osakimandias.
What privacy safeguards are there?
The Survey itself does not collect any identifying information. The IP address of the question-taker is collected and used as part of a hash to prevent repeat submissions, accidental or purposeful. I am the only one who looks at the responses; if I need to send them out, for further analysis, for instance, I redact all additional information provided and restrict the database to the objective questions.
I took this survey before; why should I take it again?
I would like the Survey to be a yearly effort, which would enable me and others to track year-on-year trends in the furry fandom. Also, it takes all of a couple of minutes of your time, and it makes me happy. So, please?
I am not a furry; should I take this survey?
No. The bulk of the questions are geared towards a furry audience, and the results are liable to be skewed when non-furries are considered. HOWEVER, even if you consider yourself only slightly attached to the fandom, the questions may still be relevant; choose the appropriate option when asked how strongly you consider yourself a furry.
Can I help?
Different perspectives on the data and survey are always welcome (this current version includes a number of revisions suggested by commentators). Absent this, the most helpful thing you can do is to pass the survey around to make sure as many people as possible see it. In 2008, I'd estimate the Survey was seen by perhaps 5 or 10% of all furries, which is more than Gallup can say when they're doing their polls.
What the hell is up with the colors?
I have been encouraged to embrace an understanding of visible light that includes more than just shades of grey. The colours break the survey into five sections: general demographics (blue), basic furry information (green), sex and sexuality (red), activities (yellow), and personal opinions (purple). There is a final grey section that is an addendum to the previous questions.
What if I don't understand a question?
The associated Explanation of the Furry Poll should answer most or all of your questions. If you are not certain, please do not hesitate to conact me.
Are you a furry yourself?
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